Green Fields Avenue


Spread over 80 kanal of expertly landscaped grounds located between the crossroads of Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA). Eighteen is designed for people who expect the very best. Just 2.5% of total land is commercial. Convenient & comfortable, it is ideally located just 15 minutes away from main points of city like Ring Road, Airport and Motorways. Green Fields Avenue is an epitome of luxurious international living. It is a place to reflect, a place to relate.


100 Units Per Marla

For the first time in the real estate sector of Pakistan, now you will be provided with free electricity for life, yes, free electricity with the plot. Under the MW 32 MW On Grid Solar Point Base System, every home will be able to benefit from lifetime free solar energy (Rules and Regulations are applicable). Each house will be provided with solar energy at the rate of one kilowatt per marla up to one kanal plot, thanks to which a three-marla plot will get about 300 free units and a five-marla plot about 500 free units per month (annual average). Will be available.

Green Roof

At least 225 square feet of roof space of each small house will be allocated as green area where fresh vegetables, fruits can be grown using kitchen gardening techniques for which we will provide Technical support free of cost.

Green Living Initiative

Unfortunately, our city has become one of the most polluted cities in the world, for which we have decided to take practical steps. For the first time in Pakistan, our previous project, Square Avenue, has a regular green living studio the honor of taking the Green Living Initiative has been achieved. In GFA, Al-Ghani Deval Peers has reiterated his commitment to follow the following points.

Quick Registry, Quick Grab

The reputation and prestige of the company has increased enormously due to the trust shown in us by our esteemed customers in the last decade. The clothes could be worn. Now the promises of Sujate Gulistan of Greenfields Avenue have come to a head again, in which we need your full confidence. But this time we wish to trust you and provide you with immediate registration and immediate possession of the plot only on payment of the deposit. (Rules and Regulations apply)

Grand Mosque of Al-Aqsa

Every believer yearns to go to Al-Aqsa Mosque, the first Qibla of Muslims located in Bait-ul-Maqdis, Yar and Shalam, but due to the dire political situation and the explicit torture of the devil forces in this world, the people of Islam Especially the Muslims of Pakistan are unable to go here. In the context of our unparalleled spiritual commitment to the Qibla, we have intended to build a similar pilgrimage to Al-Aqsa Mosque for the first time in the Islamic world. This pilgrimage will further stimulate the interest of believers as the central Jamia Masjid in Greenfields Avenue. 37 kanals of land has been allocated for the Grand Jamia Masjid al-Aqsa on a scale of 8/1, similar to Temple Mount, which has an area of about 37 acres will be built. Tashabiya Dome Sakhra will be dedicated to the library and the Islamic Museum, while Masjid-ul-Aqsa will not only provide a bright environment for the thousands of Muslims living in Greenfields Avenue for their worship, but Inshallah it will become important for Pakistan like a pilgrimage for Muslims too.


Modern urban planning at the international level has presented the concept of 15-minute city, where every resident's necessities of life are available only 15 minutes by foot or 15 minutes by motorbike from his house. Greenfields Avenue is created on this concept. All the facilities here are available within 15 minutes walking distance in GFA Char Dewari and the connection to the outer city is also 15 minutes motor ride away.

islamic University

The first university and institute of its kind in Pakistan will be established with the mutual cooperation of Al Ghani Foundation, Al Ghani Dol Peers and Islah Taleem Trust. This proposed university will help in meeting the higher education needs of North and East Lahore. The university-affiliated research institute will present an economic and social model of a modern Islamic welfare state free from usury and corruption in the next five years.

sports complex

A magnificent sports complex will be constructed on 36 kanals for the promotion of non-curricular summer activities in the society. The existing stadium will not only provide healthy and energetic recreational opportunities for the community living in Greenfields Avenue, but will also host national and international competitions.

food court

With ground and rooftop restaurants, GFA Food Court is being constructed to offer your residents the best urban setting in which to enjoy lovely and unforgettable moments with your loved ones. You will not soon forget your time spent here as we offer the most exquisite setting along with an amazing dine-in experience.

Cycling Track

GFA is going to provide a healthy and active lifestyle to its residents for which a 1.25 km long Sablic Leg Track is being constructed where you and your children can play without any worries. People will be able to enjoy the city without any traffic.

Amusement Park

Every entertainment is just a few steps away at Greenfields Avenue. To provide the best entertainment facilities to your family, an international style amusement park is being built where your children can enjoy every moment of life without fear. A clubhouse and country club are under construction to make your dream of a luxurious lifestyle a reality.

Censored Roads

Construction of spacious bright and clean roads in Greenfields Avenue is ensured. Modern and best technology installed on our roads will ensure uninterrupted flow of traffic. Underground sensors will be installed on highways which will help in modern scheme management and security.

Community Management

Our priority is to provide all the required facilities to our residents according to social and cultural values. Our community centers will reflect professionalism, exemplary service and a pleasant environment.


If the buyer passes away during the payment of the installments of the plot, all remaining installments will be waived and the plot will be transferred to the next of kin as per the payment policy.
(Terms and conditions apply) (No additional charges are charged).